DDI AK-47 First Look - Iraqveteran8888

Iraqveteran8888 shooting a DDI in his first look video of our AK-47.

"In this video we shoot and discuss a very high quality AK-47 variant from DDI out of Knoxville, TN. This particular rifle is built using a Hungarian AKM parts kit with US produced 4140 barrel, DDI produced stamped receiver, and Hogue furniture. DDI uses a Fenocite process to treat the barrel, bolt and several other key components to increase durability, accuracy, corrosion resistance and reduce wear. The workmanship of this rifle is scores better than other comparable brands that we have handled in the past, and comes in at a very competitive price point. This rifle also features a correct side rail for attaching your favorite optic. Also, try as you might you won't find a crooked barrel or canted sights on these rifles.

Chad and I will be doing more work with this rifle in particular to really see what it is capable of at longer range using higher quality ammunition. The Wolf 124gr ammunition was stringing heavily at longer ranges and we did ran out of the heavier Wolf 154gr soft point ammunition that did so well in the C39 V2 test. Rest assured that we will be revisiting this rifle in the near future in a couple of videos that you will not want to miss."

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